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I guessed many gooners were cursing Eboue during and after the match. To be honest, I don’t really hate Eboue but I was quite furious about his stupid behaviours. The first yellow card I thought was rather harsh, but the second yellow card was a fair decision by the ref. And as a professional Eboue should know the importance of restraining himself especially when you were already on one yellow card.

To be fair, before the sending off, Eboue was one of the better players on the pitch. He had been running into space, making himself available and bringing the ball to danger areas. He even had a goal disallowed! Just when I thought his performance should have finally change the fans’ opinions of him, he made that stupid retaliation on Modric and caused himself to be sent off!

So now, we are five points behind Chelsea (thanks to Hull City), and seven points behind Aston Villa. Its a pity that Arshavin didn’t get some playing time, and a bigger shame that we couldn’t beat Spurs, but at least we are still not that far away from the champions league spot.


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Arshavin signs!

Russian international and playmaker Andrei Arshavin has signed for Arsenal in what has been revealed as a three-year contract for an undisclosed sum.

On completing a difficult transfer, Arshavin said: “I’m a Gunner. I’m happy to be at Arsenal.”

“I like Arsenal’s style. I like Arsène Wenger as a coach. I like some of the players from this team.”


Whether Arshavin will be playing against Spurs this weekend is still uncertain, as the Russian league had ended last November so Arshavin might not be match fit. I guessed we might see him coming off the bench in the second half.

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After yesterday match, I started worrying that we might not be able to finish top four this season. We only managed to score one goal in the last three matches (West Ham, Everton, Cardiff). We are now still 5 points behind the fourth placed Aston Villa, and there are holes everywhere in our team right now.

It’s really hard to imagine that within one season our midfield had degenerated from the Rosicky-Cesc-Flamini-Hleb combination to an Nasri-Denilson-Diaby-Eboue combination. With long term injuries sustained by Rosicky, Cesc and Walcott, this midfield combination perhaps would have to remain for quite some time unless we bought some new players (Arshavin?) in.

Yesterday’s matches somehow epitomized our season: We had majority of possesion, yet we did not have the urgency to win/kill the game. We were devoid of creativity as players like Denilson, Diaby, Eboue didn’t look like they were capable of creating anything. Denilson looked so mediocre that I really failed to see the reasons he deserved a starting place other than the fact that we had no other better options. Eboue is just too inconsistent, and at best average. Diaby is a skillful player yet he don’t seem to understand playing well in a team doesn’t equate to showing off individual skills.

At this rate, I really worried that we might drop out of the top four eventually.

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