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Its over now….

First, we lost to Spurs at White Hart Lane. We thought our season is over. But on Saturday, our arch rival Spurs managed to beat Chelsea too, and all of a sudden the race seemed to be opened again. That is, if we beat Wigan, we would be only 3 points behind leader Chelsea. And Chelsea still have to meet Liverpool at Anfield.

But we still managed to screw it up. When was the last time we threw away a 2 goals lead and got beaten by the opponent by 3 late goals? Absolutely disgusting spineless performance from the players! They played like it was a friendly match. This bunch of players don’t deserve to win anything.

So, our season is over. I wouldn’t be surprise if we got thrashed 6-0 by Man City at Emirates Stadium. These players needed a major wake-up call, since they are already used to getting thrashed by Man United and Chelsea. They needed to feel humiliated, to understand that they have not achieved anything yet.

Next season, clowns like Almunia, Fabianski and Silvestre must go. Alright, if Almunia don’t mind being a 2nd choice keeper to a truly world class keeper, he can stay. That’s where he truly belongs. But Fabianski, I really see no future in this clown. Wenger needs to strengthen the squad and not to worry about bringing in players that would “kill” the young ones. If you are good enough, you play. Else, you wait until you get your chance. No more baby-sitting players into the first team. They all have to fight for it. Our players had been in the comfort zone for too long. They had been to used to losing.


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So we are out of Champions League, losing at Nou Camp 1-4 to perhaps the best team in europe. But it’s not the end of the world. Yes, we were outplayed over the two legs. We managed to get a draw at Emirates Stadium, but were trashed at Nou Camp. But we had to remember that, we were without the entire spine of our team: Gallas, Cesc, Song, Arshavin and RVP. I believed, a fully-fit Arsenal side would give Barcelona a run for their money.

Now, we will just have to focus on winning the remaining league matches. The title race is still open. And I believed this squad can only get better, hopefully with a couple of additions over the summer.

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In midweek at Emirates Stadium, we fought back from behind to claim a 2-2 draw with the mighty Barcelona in our champions league quarter final match. We were kinda outplayed by Barca in our passing game, and Almunia was the unexpected hero that kept us in the game during first half. Two goals from similar positions from Zlatan Ibrahimovich gave the visitors a two-goal lead. The pace of substitute Walcott proved to be crucial as his strike pulled one goal back for us, while a penalty from Cesc managed to force a draw at home. The draw came with a hefty price: Cesc, Gallas and Arshavin were all injured. And Cesc could be out for the season.

Saturday’s match against Wolves at home was thought to be one of the easiest match in our title run-in. However, we needed an injury-time match-winner header from Bendtner to scrapped a victory at home. Rosicky started in Cesc’s position and was one of the better performer in the match. Song and Denilson were decent in central midfield. Eboue was quite anonymous on the left forward position, while Eduardo was really awful as the central striker. His frequent misses had been so frustrating that I could no longer attribute it to lack of match fitness. He was supposed to be our most lethal striker but now he looked like a championship player. Walcott on the other hand, was very lively on the right and its no surprise most of our attack gone through him. Him and Sagna were combining very well, and hoped he could continue to improve to become the player we expected him to be.

At the back, Sol and Vermaelen were solid. Sagna did well both defensively and offensively. Silvestre was a surprise inclusion at the left-back position, and I believed he was the main reason why our left-sided attack was so ineffective, as he seldom provide any support in attack. His lack of pace also means that our left side became the weakest link during the match.

Overall,  we were rather lucky to score the winner in injury time to keep us in the title race. With Chelsea beating Man United at Old Trafford, the race was still open and we were only 3 points off Chelsea. We really need to continue to fight on, while hoping Man United and Chelsea to drop points in the last few matches.

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